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  • VHF 72



Marina Alaçatı offers exceptional dry dock services to yacht owners and sea enthusiasts. This dry dock area is equipped with modern technologies and designed to provide solutions for various needs. Notably, the hauling and launching services using a 100-ton travel lift are provided by experienced and well-trained technical staff.

Services and Features
  • 100-Ton Travel Lift: The dry dock area at Marina Alaçatı features a 100-ton capacity travel lift, ensuring the safe hauling and launching of large and heavy vessels. This lift is equipped with advanced technology and operates in compliance with high safety standards.
  • Professional Technical Team: The technical personnel at Marina Alaçatı are specialized in hauling and launching operations, providing the best service for all types of marine vessels. The team is proficient in quickly and effectively resolving any issues that may arise.
  • Maintenance and Repair Services: Periodic maintenance and necessary repairs for yachts are also conducted in the dry dock area. Services such as painting, hull repair, and engine maintenance are meticulously performed by professional teams.
  • Spacious Dry Dock Area: The dry dock area spans a large space, capable of servicing multiple vessels simultaneously. This spacious area allows for the safe and orderly hauling of yachts.
  • Environmentally Friendly Practices: Marina Alaçatı stands out with its environmentally conscious practices. All operations in the dry dock area are carried out in accordance with environmental protection standards, and waste management is meticulously handled.
  • Special Services for Yacht Owners: The services provided in the dry dock area are specially designed to meet the needs of yacht owners. Yacht owners can entrust Marina Alaçatı with the maintenance and repair of their vessels with confidence.

Marina Alaçatı meets the highest expectations of yacht owners and sea enthusiasts with its modern dry dock area and superior service quality. The hauling and launching services provided with the 100-ton travel lift, combined with the professional technical team and spacious dry dock area, make Marina Alaçatı a preferred marina. With its environmentally friendly practices and customer-focused service approach, Marina Alaçatı continues to make a difference in the maritime industry.